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Asphalt fiber chip seal vehicle

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DCXWF0814 asphalt synchronous chip sealer vehicle

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The asphalt synchronous chip sealer is to synchronize the intelligent asphalt sprayer and the screw chip spiral spreader, so that the surface contact between the asphalt binder and the stone chip can be achieved in the quickest time. The special construction equipment for maximum adhesion is used for the gravel seal process on the highway surface, bridge deck waterproofing, and under seal layer.

Product name: asphalt synchronous chip sealer vehicle

Product model: DCXWF0814

Spreader width: 3750(mm)

Stone particle size: 3-25(mm)

Asphalt tank capacity: 8(m3)

Hopper capacity: 14(m3)

Fiber length: 30(mm), 60(mm), 120(mm)

Fiber sprinkle amount: 30-90(g/m2)

Sprinkling medium: base asphalt, modified asphalt, diluted asphalt, emulsified asphalt

Dimensions: length × width × height = 11950 × 2500 × 4000 (mm)

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