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Slurry seal vehicle

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HTN5314TFC Fiber Slurry seal vehicle

New Generation HTN5314TFC Fiber Slurry seal vehicle.Features Of Equipment:1、The newly upgraded super large bin structure ensures smooth and non-stacking feeding and non-skidding aggregate conveying, ensuring your accurate construction ratio.2、Comprehensive upgrade of powder storage and conveying device, precise conveying, non-stacking, new proportion control, to ensure the stable proportion of aggregate, asphalt and powder.3、Fully upgraded paving device, screw conveying, adjustment, paving together.Paving box hoisting transport fast disassembly, more user-friendly.

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New Generation HTN5314TFC Fiber Slurry seal vehicle

The main technical parameters

◆ Vehicle chassis:   ◆: China Heavy Duty Truck HOWO 8×4  
◆ Engine power:  110kw/2300rpm    
◆ Aggregate silo volume:  13m3   
◆ Emulsion tank volume:  4 m3       
◆ Water tank capacity:    4 m3  
◆ Auxiliary tank volume:  400L    
◆ Packing box volume:  2×0.5 m3    
◆ Blender dispenser output: max:3.5T/min    
◆ Min. speed:   about 1 km/h        
◆ Paving box width:  2.5~4.3 m adjustable

Features Of Equipment

1、The newly upgraded super large bin structure ensures smooth and non-stacking feeding and non-skidding aggregate conveying, ensuring your accurate construction  ratio.
2、Comprehensive upgrade of powder storage and conveying device, precise conveying, non-stacking, new proportion control, to ensure the stable proportion of aggregate, asphalt and powder.
3、Fully upgraded paving device, screw conveying, adjustment, paving together.Paving box hoisting transport fast disassembly, more user-friendly.

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