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Dingcheng equipment participates in the municipal application of color landscape roads

Date : 2018-11-23    Page views : Loading...

      As a reminder of humanistic landscape and safety signs, colored pavement has been widely used in road construction. From the manual painting at the beginning, to the new equipment spraying and paving, it plays a positive role in promoting the application of colored pavement.

      On July 19, 2018, scorching sun, the heat in the heat, no expectation, through previous material proportioning test, calibration of equipment debugging, henan shenyuan road materials technology co., LTD., the landscape of river - color the micro table place construction of tension, the dingcheng slurry seal car equipment as the first time to participate in colour paving construction application of the micro table place, for the subsequent related equipment in the aspects of positive leading role in the application.