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DCLS0545-- new blue brand intelligent asphalt distributor

Date : 2018-11-23    Page views : Loading...

      Qingshan green water, blue sky and white clouds, dingcheng highway is guided by national policies and advocates green construction and maintenance. It takes the lead in developing a new generation of vehicle-carrying type -- blue brand 5 cubic meters intelligent asphalt sprinkling vehicle, which is suitable for the construction of narrow roads in mountainous areas and urban communities. It can be used for the construction of road adhesion layer and transparent layer.


Equipment features:

1. Vehicle shape size: 6000mm * width * height: 6000mm * 2500mm * 2750mm, short and dry, easy to narrow mountain area and urban community construction;

2. The imported burner heating and heat conduction oil circulation system can be used to spread modified hot asphalt, matrix asphalt and emulsified asphalt;

3. Dual operating system, quick switching, as you wish;

4. Manual spray gun is set, and there is no dead Angle in construction;

5. Width of spraying 4500mm, automatic change of pump speed and speed, precise control of spraying amount, arbitrary combination of one nozzle control and one nozzle control;

6, top blue card, C license driving, operation is more simple;