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Ding cheng successfully participated in the country's first fiber reinforced super adhesive protective layer -- pavement surface maintenance application test

Date : 2018-11-23    Page views : Loading...

      On September 25, 2018, Beijing, the capital of China, was full of blue sky, white clouds, sunshine and plump autumn fruits.In such a harvest season, through the preliminary engineering technical personnel carefully of road surface disease inspection, construction of contrast test, the construction scheme and construction equipment selection, eventually determine a kind of low noise, fast, economic and efficient -- -- -- -- -- new fiber reinforced super glue layer, as the pavement disease treatment process, development for highway maintenance construction technology, construction technology provides a new solution.

Fiber reinforced super adhesive protective layer is very strict on the equipment requirements, including in the bonding material sprinkling precision, fiber material shear reliability, fiber dispersion uniformity, stone selection and distribution uniformity, there are strict requirements.Henan dingcheng company as the construction guarantee equipment provider, based on the development of a new asphalt fiber gravel synchronous sealing truck in 2015, in 2018 to reinstall and upgrade after participating in the construction and maintenance of the new process.Successfully completed the promotion and application of the new process, henan dingcheng will take this as an opportunity to develop a new type of fiber reinforced super adhesive protective layer special equipment, for the subsequent extensive promotion and application of this process to contribute to the new equipment technical service guarantee.